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Blog: Group Content In Google Analytics
Group Content In Google Analytics

If you have a fairly large website or estore and you are still looking at your analytics on a page-by-page basis, you may be missing out on a powerful way to view and analyze your website traffic. 

Content Grouping is a feature of Google Analytics that allows you to view cross-sections of your website in aggregate and compare against other cross-sections. Here are some example use cases:

  • Website #1 has five separate blogs in different areas throughout the site. Grouped Content would allow you view details on all blog traffic in aggregate. 
  • Website #2 is an estore selling clothing for men, women and children. It also has a shoe section. Grouped content would allow the owner to view traffic in these groups, revealing which cross-section gets more traffic and even has more sales. 
  • Website #3 is a health care website with information on various topics - nutrition, excercise, cancer, etc. Grouped content would allow the owner to see which topics are most sought after by their audience.

Getting Started

Grouped Content is easy to set up and implement with just a little code snippet added to your site's output. Groupings are customized to you and can be virtually unlimited!

Would this feature help you? Our team would be delighted to help you get started!

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