How to clear your browser cache

Your internet browser's cache stores certain information (snapshots) of webpages you visit on your computer or mobile device so that they'll load more quickly, however your cache can prevent you from seeing updated content, or cause functional problems. Many times you can fix browser problems, or problems viewing websites, just by clearing your cache.

Depending on your browser will depend on how you clear your cache.

If one page of a website isn't showing up or functioning properly, it's easiest to just clear that particular page's cache. To do this, hold the shift key while refreshing the page within your browser. How to refresh, you ask? There should be a refresh circular arrow to the right of left of the URL bar in your browser that will look something like these:




  • Open the settings on Chrome. Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the browser to the right. Click settings on the bottom of the menu.
    • A faster way to get there is to press Control+⇧ Shift+Delete on a PC, or if you're using a Mac ⇧ Shift+⌘ Command+Delete.
    From settings, click "Show advanced settings...". It's located at the very bottom of the settings section.
  • Scroll to the privacy section and click "Clear browsing data".
  • Select "Cached images and files". Uncheck all other options to avoid deleting browser history, cookies and other things you may wish to retain. Change "Obliterate the following items from" to "the beginning of time".
  • Press "Clear browsing data". You are done!


  • Click the Menu button ("hamburger button" - the one with three horizontal lines) and then choose Options.
    • If Options is not listed in the menu, click Customize and drag Options from the list of Additional Tools and Features over to the Menu.
    • Note: If you're using the menu bar, choose Tools and then Options instead.
    • If you don't see that link, change the Firefox will: option to Remember history. You can change it back to your custom setting when you're done. In the Clear Recent History window that appears, set the Time range to clear: to Everything. In the list at the bottom of the window, uncheck everything except for Cache.
    • Don't see anything to check? Click the button next to Details. Click on the Clear Now button. When the Clear Recent History window disappears, all of the files saved (cached) from your Internet browsing activities in Firefox will have been removed.
    • If your Internet cache is large, Firefox may hang while it finishes removing the files. Just be patient - it will eventually finish the job.
    • Older versions of Firefox, particularly Firefox 4 through Firefox 33, have fairly similar processes for clearing the cache but please try to keep Firefox updated to the latest version if you can.
  • Firefox for Mac: On a Mac, choose Preferences from the Firefox menu and then continue as instructed below. With the Options window now open, click the Privacy tab. In the History area, click the clear your recent history link. If you wish to clear other kinds of stored data, feel free to check the appropriate boxes. They will be cleared with the cache in the next step.

Once your browser is open, click the Safari menu and select Empty Cache, then click Empty.

Once your browser is open, click the gear icon at the top right to open the Settings menu. Then, select Safety and Delete Browsing History....