How do I view my website statistics?

Website statistics can be tracked by installing Google Analytics on your site. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

Through Google Analytics, you can view Audience Reports, Acquisition Reports, Behavior Reports, & more! You will need to have a Google Account in order to view your reports.

The Audience reports provide insight into...

  • The demographics of your audiences. Go to Audience > Demographics.
  • Your mix of new and return users and the level of engagement of your users. Go to Audience > Behavior.
  • The browsers and networks being used to access your site/app. Go to Audience > Technology.
  • The mobile devices being used to access your site/app. Go to Audience > Mobile.

The Acquisition section to evaluate referrals and campaigns.

Use this section to compare traffic from search, referrals, email, and your marketing campaigns. When evaluating traffic sources, consider the following.

How actively are users engaging with your site and content? Review engagement metrics like Bounce Rate, Pages/Session, and Avg. Session Duration .

Do users complete activities important to the success of your business or site/app? Look at conversion metrics like Goal Conversion Rate, Goal Completions, and Goal Value. To measure ecommerce outcomes, look at Transactions, Revenue, and Ecommerce Conversion Rate.

The Behavior section to explore how people find and interact with your content.

This section of Google Analytics is focused on your site or app -- its content, performance, searchability, and interactivity. To see basic metrics for each page and area of your site/app, go to Site Content > All Pages.

Go to Site Speed > Overview to see how fast your pages load.

Go to Site Search > Overview reports to find out how successful your users are when they search your site.

Go to Events > Overview to see how Flash, Ajax, and other kinds of interactive elements on your site are being used.

Access your reports

You can access your analytics reports by going to