Entourage for Mac OS X (IMAP)

To configure your Entourage for Mac program to send and receive email using our servers using IMAP, please follow the steps below. Please replace:

Attention with your email address with your domain name


1. Open Entourage.

2. Choose "Tools" -> "Accounts"

Tools -> Accounts

3. Choose "New" -> "Mail..."

New -> Mail

4. Set the type of the account to IMAP and click on the "OK" button.

Account type: IMAP

5. In the "Account name" field you need to a short description of your account in your e-mail client. This name would show up only in your own mail program. You can set a name such as "Work Account", "Sales mail" or your name for example.

In the "Name" field you should enter the name, which you would like to appear on the messages you send.
Enter your e-mail address in the "E-mail address" and "Account ID" fields.
For "IMAP server" and "SMTP server" you should use

In the "Password" field you need to fill in the current password for this particular mailbox.

You can save the password of the mailbox in your Mac OS keychain, so that you will not have to retype it every time you connect to your mail server. If you want to do this, you need to mark the "Save password in my Mac OS keychain" option.

Edit Account

6. Press the "Click here for advanced sending options" button.
Check the "Override default SMTP port:" option and enter 587.
Select the "SMTP server requires authentication" and "Use same settings as receiving mail server" options.

SMTP Settings

7. Open the "Options" tab and enter the following value in capital letters in the "Root folder" text field: INBOX

Edit Account -> Options