Apple Mail for Mac OS X 10.4 (POP3 & SMTP over SSL)

To configure your Apple Mail application for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) to send and receive email using our servers using POP and SMTP over SSL/TLS, please follow the steps below. Please replace:

Attention with your email address with your domain name with your server's host name (you can find your server's host name listed in the upper left corner of your Control Panel)


1. Open Apple Mail.

2. Choose "Mail" -> "Preferences..."

Mail -> Preferences

3. Open the "Accounts" tab and click on the "+" / "Create an account" button.

Create an account

4. Set "Account Type" to "POP".
In the "Account Description" field you need to enter a short description for your account in your email client. This name would show up only in your own email program. You can set a name such as "Work Account", "Sales mail", "John" etc.
In the "Full Name" field you should enter the name, which you would like to appear on the messages you send. In the "Email Address" field you should type the email address you are configuring -

Click on the "Continue" button.

General Information

5. For "Incoming Mail Server", you should use
In the "User Name" field you need to enter
In the "Password" field you need to fill in the current password for this particular mailbox.

Click on "Continue".

Incoming Mail Server

6. For "Outgoing Mail Server" you can use
Check "Use Authentication" and enter in the "User Name" field and the corresponding password in the "Password" field.

Click on "Continue".

Outgoing Mail Server

7. You need to verify your settings, and confirm them. To proceed with the configuration, click "Continue". If you want to change some of the settings, click "Go Back".

Account Summary

8. Click on "Done".


9. You should see the new mail account listed in the "Accounts" section. Click on the "Server Settings..." button.

Server Settings...

10. Choose "Server port" and enter 587.
Make sure that "Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)" is checked. As authentication method you can use here "Password" or "MD5 Challenge-Response".

Click on "OK".

Outgoing Mail Server

11. Click on "Advanced" and make sure that you are using port 995, that "Use SSL" is checked and that the authentication method is "Password".