Other e-mail programs

If there is no step-by-step tutorial available for the e-mail program of your choice, the information here should help you access your e-mail account with your local e-mail client.

Both POP and IMAP e-mail access is supported. You can find a short comparison of both protocols here:

Differences between POP and IMAP

If you want to access your e-mail via unencrypted connection, you can use your domain name for incoming/outgoing mail server.

If you prefer to use encryption (which is recommended), you need to use the following host name for both incoming and outgoing mail server:

You should replace your_server with the actual host name of your server. You can find your server's host name listed in the upper left corner of your Control Panel.

In case you use encrypted connection, and your e-mail program requires you to specify explicitly which cryptographic protocol you are using, you have to select SSL for the incoming e-mail server and TLS/STARTTLS for the outgoing.

For username, you need to enter your whole e-mail address. The password is the one that you have assigned to your mailbox. The same login credentials are valid for both the incoming and the outgoing e-mail server.

If you are using the IMAP protocol, there should be a setting in your e-mail account properties related to "IMAP server directory", "IMAP system path", or something similar. There, you need to enter the following value written in capital letters: