Moving WordPress between directories or subdomains on the hosting account

You can use theĀ WordPress Manager in the Control Panel to move or copy WordPress installations between directories or subdomains on the same hosting account by following the steps below:

  1. Access the hosting Control Panel.

  2. Navigate to the WordPress Manager section.

  3. Click on the Manage button next to the WordPress installation that you would like to move or copy. This will take you to the management page for the WordPress installation.

  4. Select the target subdomain and/or directory on the account. At the same time, you can optionally choose a different domain, start using HTTPS, or prefix the address with www. The Choose domain drop-down menu lists the domains associated with the account.

    WordPress Manager Site URL

  5. To move the installation to the new location, click the Move button. To copy the installation to the new location, click the Copy button.

Depending on the size of the WordPress installation, the process might run in the background. If the source and target directories are overlapping, you won't have the option to copy WordPress, and only the Move option will be available.

When you move or copy a WordPress installation to another location, the tool performs the following actions:

  • Copies/moves the files to the new directory.
  • If copying, the tool creates a new database and database user.
  • Copies/moves the data from the current database to the new one.
  • Changes the Site URL (WordPress Address) setting.
  • Changes the Home (Site Address) setting.
  • Performs a search and replace operation in the database, replacing the current address with the new address.

The usernames and passwords for the WordPress installation will remain the same.