Notifications for delayed outgoing messages

If you send an email message from your hosting account to another mail server and it is not accepted or rejected initially, the message will remain in the outgoing queue of our mail server. Our mail server will try to deliver that message continuously for up to two days, waiting for the remote mail server to accept or reject the message. You will receive a bounce error message indicating the reason for the failed delivery if our mail server is unable to send your message after retrying for two days.

By default, you will not receive any notifications during the two-day retry period if a message delivery is delayed. If you wish to enable this feature for your hosting account, please refer to our Enabling delayed delivery notifications article.

You can find an example delayed delivery notification listed below:

From: <>
To: <>
Subject: delayed delivery notice

Your message has been received by but has been undeliverable to the following recipients for at least time.

The mail system will continue to attempt to deliver your message to these recipients for a total of 2 days.

You do not need to resend your message at this time.


--- Below this line is a copy of the original message.

Note: In the delayed delivery notifications that you will receive, will be replaced with your server hostname, with your email address, time with the message delivery delay, and with the email address of your recipient.