Microsoft Outlook for Apple iPhone with iOS 13 / iOS 14 / iOS 15 / iOS 16

To configure the Outlook App on your iPhone, please follow the steps below. Please replace:


Attention with your email address with your server's host name (you can find your server's host name listed in the upper left corner of your Control Panel)


1. Open the Outlook app.

2. If it is the first mail account you add to Outlook, the "Add Account" screen will show up automatically. If not, tap the top left Menu -> Settings (gear icon) -> Add Email Account -> Add Email Account.

3. On the "Add Account" screen, enter your email address.


4. Tap "Add Account". If you get a prompt to select email provider, please choose the IMAP option under Advanced.


5. The IMAP settings screen will show up. Make sure that "Use Advanced Settings" is toggled on.  Use the following settings:

IMAP Incoming Email Server
IMAP Hostname:
IMAP Port: 993
Port Security: SSL
IMAP Username:
IMAP Password: <your_email_ password>

SMTP Outgoing Email Server
SMTP Hostname:
SMTP Port: 465
Port Security: SSL
SMTP Username:
SMTP Password: <same_as_imap_password>

 iOS15 Outlook settings

6. Tap "Sign In". Swipe through privacy and diagnostic data screens, if they show up.