Microsoft New Outlook

To configure the Outlook (new) App for Windows, please follow the steps below. Please replace:


Attention with your email address with your server's host name (you can find your server's host name listed in the upper left corner of your Control Panel)


1. Open the Outlook (new) app.

2. On the "Welcome to the new Outlook" screen, enter your email address.

Welcome to the new Outlook

3. A "Setting things up" screen will show up. Wait until it closes.

Setting things up

4. The Welcome screen will show up again, but with a new Advanced Setup button at the bottom. Click on that button.

 Advanced Setup

5. A "Select your email provider" screen will show up. Scroll to the bottom, and select IMAP.

Select your email provider

6. On the next screen, enter your mail password, and click on Show more.

Show more

7. Uncheck "Use recommended settings". Enter the incoming mail (IMAP) settings.

IMAP Incoming server:
Port: 993
Secure connection type: SSL / TLS (recommended)

 IMAP Settings

8. Scroll down to the outgoing mail (SMTP) configuration.

SMTP username: <your email address should be populated automatically>
SMTP password: <leave the field blank>
SMTP Outgoing server:
Port: 465
Secure connection type: SSL / TLS (recommended)

 SMTP Settings

9. Click Continue. The "Sync your IMAP account" screen will show up.

 Sync your IMAP account

10. Click Continue. Then, click through the privacy, diagnostic data, and Outlook theme dialog screens until you get to your Inbox.