How We Differ

How We Differ

Web Instinct was founded by Dave Shacket in 2006 and has grown a web development company trusted by worldwide brands like General Electric and Curtis Instruments. With rich experience in dynamic client-managed websites and data-driven custom applications, clients across the country have trusted their online presence to our experienced team.

Most site owners are frustrated with their web developer.

These concerns typically revolve not around technology, but the experience. Wanting to feel understood, have calls answered and returned, know that support continues following a site launch. Dave set out to create a web company with these hallmarks:

  • Clients Are Understood
    It's your website. It's your vision. We will listen close to assure we achieve your goals.
  • Clients Hear Back
    We respond to most requests within 24 hours. Your website can't wait.
  • Clients Are Not Limited
    Technology serves the vision, not vice versa. If we need to learn a new tool, or build one to achieve your goals - we can and will.
  • Clients Are Empowered
    Through extensive training and robust software platforms, we assure you control your own website, email accounts and more.

Your website is not a transaction. It is your home.

Partnering with our team assures an entire team committed to your success online. Today, Web Instinct boasts a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff and Dave still sits at the helm, assuring each project is delivered successfully and that every one of our clients enjoys a successful experience resulting in a website they can manage themselves and be proud of.