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We quickly delivered a robust, user-friendly portal which enables elderly and disabled citizens to find the care they need. This resulted in  a substantial increase in use and connections for CD Choices' client base.


The results only 3-months after launch was nothing less than sensational, including a 50% increase in active consumer accounts, a 100% increase in caregiver accounts, more than 6,000 messages exchanged, and over 150 daily searches from consumers for caregivers. Consumers are 40% more likely to begin using community-based services because they can find a caregiver! Web Instinct afforded us that privilege. They are essential to our business model.Chris Graber  ▪  CEO

The Challenge

Consumer Directed Choices empowers seniors and people with disabilities to remain independent by supporting self-directed in-home care. Their outdated online portal to connect those who needed support with those who could provide it was not keeping up with a "worst in the nation caregiver shortage". They needed a modern, user-friendly portal that would allow those they serve to easily find assistance from those in or near their own community. And they needed it quickly.

Our Solution

Our team met with key stakeholders to learn more about the core needs of their consumers and personal assistants. We dove deep to uncover which data points would most quickly narrow the field and allow those in need to find terrific in-home care, and those looking to assist to find someone in their community that fit their skillset.

Web Instinct actively listened to our vision and was determined to realize it. They provided valuable suggestions along the way, always putting the end-users at the forefront, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to our organization’s mission and that they cared about the consumers and caregivers.Chris Graber  ▪  CEO

The Result

The new portal was delivered quickly and provided several key features:

  • GPS / Radius Searching
    Portal users can filter their searches by radius, searching only for those matches that reside in their area.
  • Advanced Security
    Connecting to internal systems, the portal provides registration checks, assuring that those registering are indeed approved CD Choices consumers
  • Quick and Easy Messaging
    The rapid searching prompts quick and easy messages inside the system, allowing consumers and care givers to connect online and learn more about each other before connecting in person.
  • Accurate and Detailed Reporting
    Detailed reporting allows CD Choices to quickly evaluate portal usage and effectiveness.

Web Instinct understands. They are not just website developers, they put themselves in the shoes of the clients and users, they understand the business goals and purposes of the website – that’s what differentiates them from the others.Hongwei Zhang  ▪  Director of Operations