Our Work: Curtis Instruments

Curtis Instruments

For over 55 years, Curtis Instruments has been a leader in technology and engineering, serving global markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Our journey with Curtis began by initiating a re-build of their subsidiary websites, which serve customers in the UK, India, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Bulgaria, China, Korea and Japan.

We worked with the team at Curtis to build and launch websites that are multi-lingual, training each subsidiary to manage the content of their own site in as many as three languages. Each site also features the automated integration of their product datasheets, allowing customers to browse inventory before contacting the appropriate team member for assistance.

Following years of successful partnership, our team now manages the entire asset of Curtis websites and has been engaged to build custom systems critical to Curtis' internal workflow.

Curtis Instruments

 Web Instinct has become a cornerstone of our global web presence. Their team gives personal attention to each project, excellent account service, superb training and consistent quality. Web Instinct has become such an important part of my department's success, I feel like I shouldn't tell everybody my secret. 

Frank Matheis

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