Our Work: John Wm Macy's Cheesesticks

John Wm Macy's Cheesesticks

National brand John W. Macy’s CheeseSticks boasts the “perfect crunch”—but their previous web presence was far from ideal. The website, shop and blog existed on three disjointed platforms. We knew we could integrate a website and shop that would be easy to manage, with a design interface that would keep users connected.

We married the functionality and product inventory on Shopify with the CheeseSticks website CMS, matching the design between the two sites to create the best experience for site visitors.

John Wm Macy's Cheesesticks

 Web Instinct offers top-notch technical expertise, down-to-earth problem-solving and a warm and responsive approach that makes them a pleasure to work with. They merged three separate web properties and a new ecommerce platform into a single, cohesive site that is vastly simpler to update and maintain. Great job, team! 

Tim Macy

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