Our Work: See Through New York

See Through New York

Collecting and distributing public information from government entities around New York State results in a lot of data. Our team collated over 15 million records into an easy to use, mobile-friendly website. Each month, over 1 million queries to this database are performed and delivered in less than one second. Searches are saved and shareable, offering Empire Center a detailed, granular look into how the website is being utilized.

Constantly expanding the datasets, Empire Center is empowered to manage the data on their own, through intuitive, custom-built interfaces in the administration area of the CMS. Websites of this scope require specialized hosting to optimize performance. Our team provisioned a dedicated server, designed to meet the rigorous needs of such a highly-trafficked website.

See Through New York

 Web Instinct stepped in to rescue our website rebuild and their team delivered us a fully functioning and well-designed product in short order and for a reasonable price. Their customer service on follow-up and new projects has been equally exceptional. 

Tim Hoefer, Executive Director

Over 15 million records One million searches per month Searches in less 1 second Data management Robust analytics
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