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Can Google Find Your Job Posts?
Can Google Find Your Job Posts?

Can Google Find Your Job Posts?

Do you have job listings on your website that you want drive attention to? Google has just the thing! In 2018, Google announced "Google for Jobs" - a way for website owners to get their job listings highlighted in google search results.

Structured Data

Google for Jobs extends Google's existing Structured Data Markup system already in place, which enhances search results for websites that implement their special code. This code, commonly known as schema markup, lets Google pull relevant data out of a website and display it more prominently. Examples can be as common as store hours, locations and phone numbers, or more specific such as reviews, recipes, hotels and now - job listings.

Google's Schema For Job Posts

To understand how to use Google for Jobs, it's important to understand schema in general. Schema markup is a piece of code written in a very specific format that's placed on the same page as the data that Google is meant to extract. This can be on every page for common data like phone number or location. For data such as job listings, however, the code should be placed on the page with the job listing itself. This code will only be viewable to search engines that look for it, and will allow them to display the job listing in a reserved area at the top of Google search results to job seekers.

When creating this piece of code, it's required to include the title and description of the job, as well as the date it was posted, how long it's valid through, the hiring organization and the location. In addition, the markup can also include base salary, the type of employment (such as full time, part time, contractor, etcetera), the industry and more. The more detail that can be included, the better - and the more likely potential candidates will click through to the full listing.

Here's what it will look like:

Google Job Results

Why Compliance Is Important

This new search experience is a great opportunity for both employers and prospective employees. Job listings, and the websites they click through to, have the opportunity to be displayed at the very top of search results, regardless of where the page itself appears in the actual search listings. The added benefit of filtering these job locations by schema properties like location, salary or category also means that job seekers have an easier search, while employers are more likely to get relevant applicants.

We Can Help

Website owners may not be able to add this code on their own. That's where we come in. If you need assistance adding structured data to your job listings, simply drop us a line. Our team will be delighted to help.