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Our success is not in our code. It is in our relationships.

Our team is committed to your success. And that means more than coding a website. It's about understanding your goals, your passions and bringing solutions that will make you a success. Read a little more about the people that make your magic happen - and the talents they bring to every one of our projects.

Dave Shacket

Owner & Lead Developer /

Entrepreneur, musician, teacher, father—founder and president Dave Shacket has played a lot of roles in his life. Our favorite is self-taught, high-level web developer. Combine that with Dave’s incredible knack for strategic thinking and you’ve got a guy who can craft just the right solution for every client, every time.

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Alena Cowsette

Project Manager /

Friendly, easy and detailed - a rare combination that Alena brings to Web Instinct. There is an instant comfort level - she's just someone everyone enjoys being around. A mother of three with a love of sports (ask her about volleyball)! Having run a company of her own, Alena brings an experienced hand to guide your project to a smooth completion.

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Carrie Marie Vaughn

Customer Support /

If technology has a heart, you’ll be sure to find it when you meet Carrie Marie. Her incredible kindness and genuine desire to help others comes through in all that she does for our clients. From hosting questions to website trainings, Carrie Marie gives every request a personal touch and attention to detail. She's a mother of 3, an avid kickboxer, and a hippy at heart!

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Laura Eggleston

Developer /

A passionate learner with a background in both creative and technological endeavors, Laura equally enjoys the design, programming and even marketing aspects of a project. Having this hybrid skill set gives her an appreciation for each step of the process - which is why we courted her to work for us for two straight years! She's an active video gamer with a passion for rescue dogs, including her own (named Roo)!

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