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Four Services Your Website Needs Regularly
Four Services Your Website Needs Regularly

Four Services Your Website Needs Regularly

Your car needs regular attention. Oil changes, brakes, tires...the list goes on. Those that avoid regular upkeep on their car ignore real needs and are heading for difficulty. Your website is no different. Even with a CMS, websites need regular ongoing maintenance and attention to avoid common and expected pitfalls.

Why Scheduled Website Maintenance Is Important

Reasons to maintain your website are the same as the reasons to maintain your car:

  • Safety and Security
    Your website is out of date. Right now. Making sure your software, plugins and server is kept up to date assures you have the latest patches and are safe from hacks, malware and other security threats.
  • Avoiding Breakdowns
    The incremental cost of scheduled maintenance is far less than trying to fix it when the problem has occurred and the damage is done.
  • Improving Longevity
    Your website will safely serve you into the future if you keep it up to date and maintained.
  • Peace of Mind
    Your car never breaks down when it's convenient. Neither does your website. Knowing you are on solid ground with the latest technologies and software allows you to focus on your business, and have your website do the same.

Regular Maintenance Every Website Requires

To remain a stable, safe and effective tool, your website should receive the following scheduled maintenance:

  • Software Upgrades
    Hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities found in outdated software to attack your website and utilize your domain and server resources to achieve their goals. Making sure your website, CMS and plugins are up to date is your best defense against these exploits.
  • Frequent Backups
    When your website is breached, restoring a complete backup of your website prior to the breach occurring is often the best option to assure your site is clean. Breaches can go undiscovered for weeks or even months. So aside from nightly server backups, storing backups offline provides a safety net no website should be without.
  • Content and Feature Updates
    Your audience and search engines both like to see a website that is "living" - with new content added regularly. Sending this message that someone is "minding the store" provides brand trust, knowing that your business will be there for them regularly as well.
  • Reporting Analysis
    How is your website performing? Is anyone submitting that form? How many people read your latest blog post? Is social media driving people to your website like you hoped? Questions like these should be analyzed regularly to assure that your website is performing the way you need it to.

Is your website receiving the attention that it needs?

Your organization may not be equipped to provide the regular attention and maintenance your website requires. We can help. From our Upkeep Service to content updates, analytics analysis and software maintenance, we know how to keep your website in top shape. With growing security threats, scheduled maintenance on your website is a critical part of your company's online plans.