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Our Brand New Look
Our Brand New Look

Our Brand New Look

You are reading this blog post on our brand new website. Look up top and you'll see our new logo as well. These are big changes for us - and they are not without purpose. We hope they continue to help us to connect with clients who need the services we provide. In fact, it was one of those clients that prompted the changes.

Last year, I met with one of our established clients. Here is what they said:

 Web Instinct provides services so much different than most other web firms. But when I look at your website, you look just like all the other guys. 

It was quite an observation. And he was right. So we spent time thinking about what makes us different, and how we were missing the opportunity to share what makes us special.

Web Instinct Is Special In Capabilities
Our team has produced some truly exciting websites. From multi-lingual websites hosted across the globe to informational websites for General Electric to a website that delivers 1 million searches a month on more than 15 million records, delivered in less than 1 second, we're proud of what we can accomplish. This type of technical flexibility is not found in most web shops.

Web Instinct Is Special In Relationships
From the beginning, our focus has been bringing a relational touch to an industry (IT) that is so often transactional and cold. Our clients stay with us because we listen, we answer the phone and we genuinely care about their success.

With this in mind, we defined the services we provide in greater detail. And it became clear that a more serene color palette was required to better communicate the experience clients have with us. This process led us to redesign our logo as well, to reflect much of the same meaning.

Our own website no longer "fit". It demanded greater simplicity and clearer communication of who we truly are. UX Design (User Experience) was paramount and we needed a website that reflected this core value we help our clients with daily. This website you are now visiting is the result of those efforts.

We are looking forward to continuing to center our communications around our new brand and message. It is our hope that this clear message will allow us to connect with more businesses that need our services, and want them delivered through an enjoyable process by a team who is committed to realizing each client's vision and goals online.