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Spring Cleaning, Web Style: Part Two
Spring Cleaning, Web Style: Part Two

Spring Cleaning, Web Style: Part Two

From time-to-time, it’s good practice to clean out your keyboard and wipe down your monitor. But what’s lurking inside your computer can pose problems ranging from system speed to the security of your emails.

Check out our recommendations for getting your computer squeaky clean:

  • Check your storage capacity—what is your limit, and how close are you?
  • Back it up! Before deleting any files, make a full backup on an external hard drive, just in case.
  • Sort your files by size, so you can see which ones are largest and taking up the most space. Then relentlessly move the ones you don’t need to the trash bin (don’t forget to empty your trash when you’re done!).
  • Take advantage of cloud space! Some sites, like Shutterfly or Dropbox, allow you to store your photos for free.
  • Consider your programs and apps. Are there any you no longer use? If they aren’t of use to you, it may be time to give them the heave-ho.
  • Run a scan using your favorite anti-virus software or app to ensure you’re free of malware, Trojans, spyware, etc. 7. Update your operating system for the latest in OS fixes and virus protection.