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Web Instinct Acquires Tech Valley Webs
Web Instinct Acquires Tech Valley Webs

Web Instinct Acquires Tech Valley Webs

They say that good news travels fast, and in our line of work, that's certainly true. But if you haven't already heard Web Instinct's latest good news, I'd love to be the first to tell you.

On April 21, 2014, Web Instinct acquired Tech Valley Webs, an East Greenbush-based web design and development company. This acquisition allows us to expand into some new and exciting markets. It also allows us to leverage Tech Valley Webs' established customer base and share our rich experience in dynamic, data-driven websites with these new customers.

How did it happen? We're glad you asked!

In March, I met with Jim Letzelter, founder of Tech Valley Webs. Jim was looking to sell his company so he could pursue other business ventures, and Web Instinct was one of three potential buyers he was considering. It didn't take long before we both realized that Web Instinct and Tech Valley Webs were a perfect fit for one another. We've both spent years building respected web design and development companies in New York's Capital Region. We've both established a long list of loyal, happy clients. And we both produced work on par with the nation's best. In other words, we had a lot in common.

What sealed the deal, however, was Web Instinct's business philosophy: relationships first. At Web Instinct, we contend that it's not enough to build our clients world-class websites (although we do); our clients also need to trust and enjoy working with us (which they do). If both pieces of the equation aren't there, we lose. It's our commitment to great websites and great client relationships that made Tech Valley Webs sit up and take notice. And the rest, as they say, is history.

 I knew right away that Web Instinct was the best company to acquire my business. We just clicked, I had to make sure my clients would get the best and latest in web knowledge and technology. But I also had to make sure that my clients would be well taken care of. No one does both better than Web Instinct. 

Jim Letzelter

We couldn't agree more.

These are exciting times at Web Instinct. Our recent acquisition is just the latest in a long line of accomplishments this year alone...and it's only May. Just last month, we added two key staffers to our team. We also became one of the first companies in the nation toearn Concrete5 CMS certification. And we are well on our way to becoming one of the Capital Region's fastest growing web design and development companies. Recent work has included international, multi-lingual websites for world-wide manufacturing companies, robust data management for an online rug retailer and the creation of an estore with over 19,000 products.

We are excited about what we do and where we are heading. Have questions or want to learn more? Get in touch! We're here to help.