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Web Instinct Founder a 2014 Graduate of Leadership Saratoga
Web Instinct Founder a 2014 Graduate of Leadership Saratoga

Web Instinct Founder a 2014 Graduate of Leadership Saratoga

Web Instinct is pleased to announce that our very own Dave Shacket is a recent graduate of Leadership Saratoga, an award-winning community leadership program sponsored by the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce.

Every year, Leadership Saratoga chooses 24 local professionals who demonstrate the potential to serve in volunteer leadership positions throughout Saratoga County and leads them through opportunities which expose them to the myriad of terrific non-profits that serve our county. The rigorous, nine-month program provides participants with the knowledge, hands-on training, and professional networks necessary to succeed and lead throughout the region.

We’re pretty excited for Dave…and we think our clients will be, too. Why? For starters, Dave’s participation in this program demonstrates that Web Instinct is recognized as a community leader and important community asset. But Dave didn’t complete this program to give his resume a boost. He did it because he is truly invested in Saratoga County, and as a company, we’re proud to call it home. We want to serve and help those around us—not just from a business standpoint, but also from a human standpoint.

As part of the program, Dave and his peers volunteered hundreds of hours to community-based non-profit and not-for-profit programs. Dave worked directly with Domestic Violence Rape Crisis (DVRC), forging new relationships for the organization to better utilize it's Rape or Regret curriculum, which focuses on preventative education for sexual abuse among young adults.

Programs like Leadership Saratoga also give Web Instinct opportunities to keep our knowledge base and networks as fresh and varied as possible. We value—and encourage—continuing education among all of our staff members. Because the more we know, the better we serve.

"I am very honored to have been part of this program, and I’m eager to give back to the community that has given Web Instinct so much,” says Dave. “Our company is growing and thriving, and I want to help Saratoga County grow and thrive right along with us.”

Learn more about Leadership Saratoga or feel free to ask Dave directly. He is more than happy to share his wonderful experiences with this fine program!