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Why DMARC Records Are Important
Why DMARC Records Are Important

Why DMARC Records Are Important

You may have heard a lot about DMARC records and received warnings from places like Shopify and MailChimp that they are critical. This article is intended to help you understand what a DMARC record is, why you need one and how it is created.

What is a DMARC record?

Your domain contains a lot of instructions and details that are publicly available. These are called DNS records and it's how the internet knows where your website is and where your emails go, etc. 

A DMARC record is a type of DNS record that goes on your domain name. It provides an email address that allow major email systems (like Gmail or Xfinity) to send you reports summarizing email activity from your domain name to their system.

What information does a DMARC report contain?

The reports contain information on emails received from your domain on the previous day. It lists each IP address that sent email and whether that IP address passes tests related to two other DNS records: DKIM and SPF. 

We'll spare you what those two records are about, but if they are not set up correctly, your email is far more likely to be bounced or wind up in spam. So the DMARC record allows reports that help you address any issues that could affect your emails getting through to Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, Verizon...the big guys.

How do I add a DMARC record to my domain name?

There are many websites that will show you how to do this yourself, such as this article from Google. But if your website is with us, we will help you set up your DMARC record for free. Simply contact us through Priority Support. There are two steps:

Step #1: Set up an email account to receive the reports
We recommend that this NOT be an actual person's email account at your organization. Create a separate email account such as dmarc@yourdomain.com to receive these reports.

Step #2: Add the DMARC DNS record
If we have access to your DNS, we'll install it for you quickly and easily, pointing reports at the email address set up above.

Who monitors my DMARC reports?

We can monitor your DMARC reports! Setting up your DMARC record assures that reports are sent to your selected mailbox. But who checks those reports and addresses any issues they may bring up? With DMARC monitoring, we will take keep an eye on your reports and proactively address any issues they bring up, assuring your emails are being sent fully verified from all sources.

Interested? Make your request through Priority Support or drop us a line. Our team would be happy to make the DMARC process simple and easy for you and your business.