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Why New Top Level Domains (TLDs) Matter
Why New Top Level Domains (TLDs) Matter

Why New Top Level Domains (TLDs) Matter

You have never heard of a TLD (Top Level Domain). So the fact that over 1000 new TLDs are available this year shouldn't matter to you, right? Not quite. Here is why the new TLDs should matter to you.

What is a Domain Name?

Previously, domain names were limited to organization type (such as .org, .edu, .net) or country (like .us, .cn, .ca). However, a few years ago, ICANN (the organization that regulates domain names) decided to open up the internet to essentially any domain name extension that someone wanted to pay for. The price was steep (over $750,000), but over 1000 new TLDs were registered, and have been releasing every week.

Each of these new domains give you a chance to have a domain name that is shorter, easier, more accurate and/or more memorable. Some of the TLDs are focused on location (such as .vegas and .nyc - both of which have released to the public). Others focus on industry (like .lawyer and .accountant). Others are just fun (.ninja and .wtf). But with every new extension, more prime real estate is up for grabs. And you will miss out if you don't get yours.

A Practical Example

Our client la Terrine is a brick and mortar store in New York City. A restaurant in France owns the domain name laterrine.com, so they use laterrinedirect.com. So when .nyc came available recently, we reserved laterrine.nyc for them. Simple, easy to remember and a much clearer identity. Because wedding registries are an important part of their business, we also grabbed bridalregistry.nyc and weddingregistry.nyc as well!

You Already Have A Domain

Of course you do. Even if you are not looking to replace your primary domain name, having additional, relevant domain names helps in a number of ways:

  • Marketing
    The goal of a domain name is to be memorable. That's actually more important than being descriptive. Amazon.com. Craigslist.com. Monster.com. Not accurate. Supremely memorable.
  • Tracking
    Let's say you send out mailers promoting your business. By having one of these additional (more memorable) domains, you will not only produce more conversions, but you can track how many people arrived at your website through that specific mailing.
  • Another Website?
    Your website is specific. "Acme Company." Putting up a generic website on a targeted domain name can reach audiences that would not otherwise find you. Using the example above, someone searching for "bridal registry nyc" may not find la Terrine, but they may find bridalregistry.nyc. And that website can connect them to la Terrine.
  • Defense
    Imagine if la Terrine did not register laterrine.nyc, but her competitor up the street DID register that domain. That competitor could potentially poach clients that are looking for la Terrine! So making sure you have the real estate that leads people to you is important, even if you don't actively use it.

I'll Come Clean

I'm a domain hog. I admit. The expense is not that great and the value is much greater. So we always recommend obtaining the domains that represent your business or could be used to market your services. Our domain is webinstinct.com. That won't change. But we own 90 other domain names (and counting!) that give us the flexibility to use if we choose as well as prevents others from usurping. We truly practice what we preach.

We Can Help

The world of domains can be confusing. What will the new domain do? Or not do? Can you use emails with them? Can they show the same site? How do they affect SEO? We can help you fully understand the implications of owning multiple domain names. We can even take the headache out of owning them by managing them for you. We are already managing almost 600 domain names for clients and have built systems to be sure they are always accounted for. Give us a call. We'll help guide you toward a great decision.