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Why The Web Constantly Changes (And Should)
Why The Web Constantly Changes (And Should)

Why The Web Constantly Changes (And Should)

Wouldn't it be great if what worked yesterday also worked today? The web is constantly changing, which can make it a frustrating place to do business. A website that was working perfectly one day may be out of date the next. Or even worse, it could break. The changes that cause this are actually a good things.

Why The Web Changes

The world wide web is young. Born in 1991, the internet continues to grown and evolve. These changes allow us to:

  • Enjoy New Features
    Remember when animation was limited to Flash? Or when every website used the same font? Continuing upgrades to the internet allows us more flexibility in telling our story online.
  • Provide Easier Interactivity
    The evolution of the web allows us to create interfaces that are quicker, easier to use and more pleasing to the eye.
  • Improve Security
    The bad guys are constantly finding holes in what was built yesterday, which forces us to adapt and grow to keep your information and transactions secure.

These changes come mostly in the form of software updates. From the server software that drives your website to browsers, which are constantly improving in speed and adding features, the web of today is different than the web of yesterday.

How This Affects You

Upgrading your home could mean adding a new stove, or building an addition. But it often includes throwing the old stuff out because it's broken or just unwanted. Changes to the web are similar. While new features become available, others are removed. Sometimes for security...sometimes because they are just no longer best practice. And if your website relies on those features, then an out of date website quickly becomes a broken website.

Staying Current

Maintaining your website is as important as maintaining your car. Regular, ongoing attention increases longevity and assures that your website remains current. Whether updating your content, revisting the UX design or keeping your software up to date, think of your website like a marathon, not a sprint. In the long run, you and your website will both be happier.