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Blog: Your Website Needs SSL Encryption - Even If You Don't Collect Sensitive Data
Your Website Needs SSL Encryption - Even If You Don't Collect Sensitive Data

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption assures that information is encrypted as it travels from your computer to each website over the world wide web. This used to be required only if your website collected sensitive information such as a credit card number. Times have changed, and SSL is now recommended for every website. Here's why:

Thanks Google.

In 2013, Google's data was hacked by the NSA as it traveled between their data centers. This convinced Google to encrypt all communications between their networks. They went a step further and decided that the internet would be a better place if ALL data was encrypted. Here is how they are affecting that change:

Google Chrome Browser SSL Warning

Beginning this year, the Chrome browser will display a red triangle warning for every website that is not secure like this:

Even if your website does not collect sensitive information, this warning could cause trust concerns to your website visitors damaging your brand. Here is what displays for a secure website:

SSL Benefits Google Organic Search Results

Google also announced they would be preferring SSL-encrypted websites in their search engine rankings, and indicating in their search results which sites are (and are not) encrypted, calling for "HTTPS Everywhere" on the web. This advantage in Google's search rankings can be easily achieved by assuring that your website is served over SSL and only over SSL.

You may have noticed that our own website operates exactly this way. SSL only. On every page.

Ready to begin? Give our team a call. We're happy to get your website set up with an SSL certificate and delivered with modern encryption standards that continue to build trust to your website visitors.

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Leadership Saratoga
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